Saturday, May 11, 2013

WFA: Stormy saturday

Man, what a day, what a day... That was one shitty Friday, I have to say. Breaking up isn't fun, but that's how things work in life - you pay for your good times. But at least the good times stay with you as memories.  In fact that's what relationships are all about to me - moments. Moments to remember, moments to laugh about, moments to be sad about... Vivid moments, that somehow change your life. And break-up is one of those memories too, and if by chance both of you still have heads on your shoulders, you can make it a very beautiful memory for your selves. Considering both of you understand the reason and it's pretty much nobodies fault - it has to be good ones. The goodbyes...

Funny how it stormed the whole night after. I noticed that weather works that way for me when I feel like poop. Or maybe that's just the flow of things, and the gathering of a thunderstorm is actually a gathering of something more, that it sort of alters our thinking... After all our brain responds to electromagnetic changes. What did H. Thompson say? "All energy flows according to the whims of the great Magnet. What a fool I was to defy him."

So I guess it's time to scout up some blues, get friends over for a jam and see where the day takes me. I will make some posts a bit later, but right now - track of the day:

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  1. Апа vs. Юра - Руки - Бонги: было все.