Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Causa Sui

Get ready for the summer guys! And this is a must have for a good summer chill! Causa Sui are based in Germany, and are yet another great band under Elektrohash Records. They specialize in distant and long jams around psychedelic and soothing themes flowing and mixing into active and sometimes unbearably psychedelic waves. But don't be fooled by that, overall it is a very awesome and talented band. And the cover artworks are always a masterpiece of their own and hit the right spot with the music.

Their sound is very specific and summery. Grooving melodies and sunny tones. Various instruments are incorporated too, some of them being a sax, flute, native percussions, bells etc. At points they may get pretty repetitive and sometimes not suitable for active listening, being more of a background mood setter. Which is totally cool with me, as long as they're  pulling it off. The albums are usually sort of thematic and sort of blend into one long story. To me the most deserving of attention are the instrumental tracks of theirs, as the band started out with vox on their first albums but sort of went into a bit different direction later on.

Once again - highly recommended to all you Pink Floyd fans out there. The more psychedelic moments sometimes remind me of Naked Lunch movie. In a weird way this band could also work for the surf rock lovers, I guess.

Here are some videos and links:

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