Friday, May 17, 2013

Vintage Cucumber

Vintage Cucumber. What a far out name, it just keeps popping in my head and give me a great deal of laughs. Oh, but the music is no less far out! This time we are on a space trip through nature with this ambient-experimental DIY artist from Germany, Johannes Schultz. Feel the ambiance of being out there, in the woods, with kids laughing and running around the trees. Time changes from early mornings to late evenings and night, landscapes vary from looks at minuscule details to suddenly growing into big sceneries. Though he always keeps you sort of grounded. I guess a kind of natural down-to-earth feel to it.

Johannes has released 4 full-length albums 3 really weird EP's and a soundtrack to a cute mario-looking rasta game (the name of it can be checked out on his bandcamp page, since I have no means to repeat that name, lol). The EP's didn't go anywhere for me, kind of too fucked up for my taste. But he managed to release a lot of very cool tracks on those full-lengths. It very much reminded me of Umber, who's music I will review later on.

Also, some goodies: Johannes told me they are planning on a split release with Felipe Arcazas! Great news, cannot wait to hear it. Sadly, I don't know the theme of the upcoming split, so we'll leave it to them to uncover if they want.

Links and videos to get mezmerized below:

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