Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tumbleweed Dealer

A freshly arrived instrumental two-piece with their freshly released self-titled album from Montreal. Slow, full of blues with the distinct buzzy guitar. Feels really jammy and nice. If you ask me - it's all not very different from their EP, yet somehow sounds less repetitive. Well and the production is definitely there, you can hear it as clear as a rain drop, that just dripped into that filled up barrel on a rainy day. Funnily, this metaphor was born while listening to their "Sons of the desert", lol. Oh, well, I guess sons got them selves some rain finally.

Overall really solid and jammy sounding band, drug influenced and trippy at times. Closest thing I could remember is All Them Witches and a bit of Wo Fat. But I guess they've found a lot of inspiration in the olden heavy metal band sounds too. Anyway, this is to all you blues rock/metal lovers out there. It's fresh and good. Though next album - they'd have to mash things up somehow and really bring something new into the sound or direction. Maybe try to go for occasional vocals? Well, enough of me yapping, go, listen, support!

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