Saturday, May 4, 2013


But, it's almost summer now, and lets get back to something sunny! Sungrazer is the project I'm talking about. A 3-piece with a great stoner sound from Netherlands. And sunny is pretty much the most accurate description I can get, this is made to be listened to on the hot summer day, chilling somewhere, lighting that blunt! Very groovy stuff. The 2nd album is bigger on some cool effects they create in the background. Headphones advised!

The band had released 2 albums and a split with The Machine, which came out really psychedelic and wow (recorded under Elektrohash records). In fact I've only now stumbled upon it, so hello new listen! Here's a link to the album trailer You can buy it on elektrohash records webstore.

Other links and videos are where they usually are. (careful, Chrome says it's got malware!)

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