Saturday, May 11, 2013

Los Asteroide

Buenos Aires, sun, palms and shit! Oh, and groovy Argentinian spacey desert jams! Los Asteroide is a fresh band, very fluent with the grooves and melodies. There's even something of Jimi Hendrix in that guitar sound. The thing that it almost sounds like singing at points, I guess. And guys have a good sense of timing with passages and quirks they do.

So far they've released an EP album that is available for free on their bandcamp page. The intro to the album starts with a sample from radio transmission between Houston and a space shuttle, accompanied by very spacey synth chords and guitar intro. I can name this intro to be one of my favorites, it really sets the proper mood for the album. Otherwise most noticeable tracks are #6 and El Traicion (on my ringtone for half a year now).

Check them out, and lets see what comes out next!

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