Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturn's Husk

Hey, so, as I thought it would happen, eventually I moved to actually writing and playing music, rather than just listening and reviewing.

So here's our first effort. We are a doom/sludgy band with a slight taste of psychedelia. We released our first album just prior to New Year. It is a completely DIY record we've recorded at our home studio with Regnar, our bassist, and Armand, our drummer/effects/mastering guy. Hopefully, you will enjoy this!

Those who buy, will also get to enjoy a bonus track, very suitable for drunken parties :D It is bit different from what the rest of the album is like. Anyway, enjoy!

Here goes:

Friday, October 25, 2013

Kingston Wall

I haven't been writing in a while, I know. But I wasn't able to not share this band with you people, that still stumble upon this page. It's a Finnish psychedelic prog rock band from the 90's called Kingston Wall. Sadly - they are split and soon after their guitars/vocals guy, Petri Walli, committed suicide, perhaps because of spiritual problems or the inability to live without the band. Not long before jumping out the window in Helsinki hotel, he made a trip to Goa. You can only speculate, was the trip a last-place-to-visit, or the last attempt to find peace with inner self...

But in the end, we are left here with 3 beautiful albums full of brilliant passages, ideas and melodies. It's the kind of music you put on and listen through the whole album to really make it unravel. Honestly - this is of best progressive rock I've ever came across. Enjoy.

Petri Walli (guitars, lead vocals), Jukka Jylli (bass, backing vocals) and Sami Kuoppamäki (drums, percussion)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

WFA: Good day, earthlings.

Here to leave this tasty piece of space off of Monke3's upcoming album "The 5th Sun". Album will be out on 25th of October. The album can be pre-ordered here: That's it for today!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Album: Causa Sui - Euporie Tide (2013)

So I've finally got my hands on the latest Causa Sui album review. And man, I gotta say it's looking to be my favorite album of theirs so far! Seems to be a next step in the bands music development. Really glad that they kind of went away from the uber-psychedelic messes they sometimes did. That was exactly the thing that was putting me off of these guys. I mean sometimes when I was putting these guys on in the background, I'd eventually find my self kind of nervous and edgy, and then realize that it's them going into this weird trip. That's usually when I'd turn 'em off. This album was the first one I could listen to from beginning to the very end without skipping or turning it off completely. It's a lot more hippy and mild, thus a lot more approachable and listenable.

So for all of you psychedelic rock lovers: Attached is a youtube video of the whole album, that's the only way to listen to it, the way I see it - go through the whole thing. I kind of never divided it in separate tracks and perceived it as a whole.

Friday, August 30, 2013


And today's greetings come to you from Sydney, Australia with a pretty damn cool stoner metal band with a touch of southern rock - Wench. I've been returning to these guys for a while now. If you're looking for catchy driving riffs and harsh but cool vocals - you've come to the right place. These guys do it all, and they do it good. We had quite a long argue with a friend of mine about whether these guys are interesting or not, and whether the compositions are cool or just plain boring. So apparently these guys aren't for everyone. To me though, the catchyness of it and cool moves they make really makes it. At any rate, sadly, since their last (and first) release one of the band members died and the band has been in kind of a stale situation. But their first release seems really promising, and I hope they'll get back on track. As of the music itself - I found first 3 tracks pretty golden, with rest being more of a filler. Then again it's me.

Check them out your self and let me know what ya think:

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fungal Abyss

Good day. I finally had a good night sleep and am not practically shutting down on my keyboard. There is a big trip planned this weekend. Far into the countryside, with guitars, jembes and a thing to inspire... So in a light of this, I remembered this one band from Seattle. That band is Fungal Abyss. It is a fucking dimension of tripjam psychedelic rock. The music is pretty great as ambient setting or a meditative, crazy trip into the space of your mind. With tracks lengthy, spanning from 10 to almost 30 minutes. Their first album is claimed to be recorded under the influence of the psyclobe fungi and was entirely jammed, with no overdubs or edits made. Can't say that they are musical geniuses, but for all I know - they produce some pretty fucking outstanding jams, somewhat reminding me of Causa Sui, sometimes a more psyched-out Samsara Blues Experiment and similar. They're definitely something I'd see live.

Guys have released 2 albums so far, one of which I actually got on a fucking cassette tape, lol! And another one is on it's way. Shows aren't really frequent and are limited to Seattle, as far as I know. Well, that's what you get with underground bands. So go check 'em out on bandcamp and the tube, and go see them live if you're in Seattle... Do share about the live show though!