Wednesday, May 22, 2013

La Chinga

Ok, so you guys missed something driving, something that rocks your head? Something really rock n' roll. Well here it is - La Chinga, coming to you straight from Vancouver! A hard rock trio that really got that classic sound down. You can hear influences like AC/DC, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, some Orange Goblin in there and many more. But then there also come some real nice psychedelic and jazzy funky influences in there too! Overall, these guys found me in the exactly the right moment, when I needed a mood lifter like this. And I thank them for that!

La Chinga have just released their first effort, a very solid 10 track album. On the album they've tried to spice it up with the american native tribe moods. That one as I see didn't really succeed, I mean to the extent I would await (I always wanted to find a band that would really nicely incorporate those things in their music). Otherwise - it's a great release, so come and get yours! And for those vinyl lovers - the album is available in a limited print of 200 vinyls, so make sure to get yours!

Watch, listen, support:

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  1. Thanks for the review amigo! Mucho gracias!
    The native chant is just on the video BTW, it's not on the album, we use it as our walk on music live, so we just threw it on the video.
    Our album is available @ La Chinga Bandcamp!
    Cheers! Let's Party!
    La Chinga