Thursday, May 9, 2013


More treats for all you psych and prog lovers! Welcome the psychonauts from San Diego, CA (I seem to have a thing about bands from Cali), ASTRA, formerly known as Silver Sunshine. I guess the name of the band really speaks for it self! These guys play in the good traditions of 70's psych/prog rock with the tracks tending to be long and jammy. The songs form bright landscapes and beautiful imagery.

The band members, Richard Vaughan (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Conor Riley (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Stuart Sclater (bass), David Hurley (drums, percussion, flute) and Brian Ellis (guitars, moog), are all professional musicians. Guys are using some notable instruments like moog and mellotron, flutes and percussions that really add to the atmosphere. Together they've released their first effort "The Weirding" in 2009, which I stumbled upon by accident while scouting myspace for music. I was stunned by their sound, and frankly I still am. The second release, "The Black Chord" - 2012, struck me as a more repetitive and less inspired, though. Something is missing there. But it does have some noticeable stuff on it too, so give it a listen anyway, don't trust me!

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