Monday, May 27, 2013

Neon Warship

Something to blow everyone away with the powerful mighty riffage of a warship heading into space! A fresh act, started out in 2011, here is Neon Warship, Ohio's finest stoner metal/rock! This trio has released their first demo that really blew my mind! And there's nothing better for me that suits this day, than this powerful ship getting crushed by waves, yet it's neon wood doesn't even creek and it's sail never goes down. And the vocals sound outstanding and fresh: they've managed to nicely mix 70's occult voice with the freshness of today's stoner rock. Give these guys a warm welcome! Immerse your self in this universe of proper heavy rock and don't turn back!

Oh and don't forget to fly this baby into space with the closing track - "Burn The Breeze".

Here's the treat for today, you everyone:

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