Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Heavy Company

The Heavy Company, The Heavy Co., THC. Can't be more accurate to describe what these guys are all about! This not widely known little trio brings us some of the best bright, laid-back rock compositions in the good ol' traditions of fuzzed out stoner. You can hear some blues and psychedelica in there as well. A good addition for all you Led Zeppelin, Ozzy/Black Sabbath, Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Machine lovers.

Since 2008 the band released 2 great albums. Too bad it took 'em a while like that, but the albums are pretty fucking great! Just finished listening through their 2nd album, and guys really spiced the things up. You can hear a lot of progress on the record. Sound is very fluid and fuzzy, and all the swirly-wirly effects are just on-spot! I gotta tell you - this one was worth a wait. And their bandcamp page says it was originally intended to record it on a 8-track tape machine, which in the moment of truth broke down, as it usually happens... Well, for the good or the bad - it did, and the album I believe didn't lose anything.

So pay attention to these three, I am sure they will surprise you. Support! And here's a selection of videos and links:


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