Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Evoke Thy Lords

Did you guys liked Kamni? Did you loved the filth of Dopethrone? Well as it turns out Siberia has it's answer, and it's been around for some 7 years now. For all you doom, sludge and stoner lovers, here's a band that I promise you'd be interested in Evoke Thy Lords. Crushing sounds from Novosibirsk in the good vein of the first album of Kamni, Dopethrone, some nice parts of Elder are there, all in the mix and sounding really badass! Sounds and themes reaching towards themes of H.P.Lovecraft (here I just can't miss an opportunity to say how much I love Lovecrafts work!). And the flute and the female vocal interludes give it an almost symphonic feel at times.

Evokers of Kthulhu released 2 full-lengths and a split with Riders on the Bones. One of the albums is completely fresh and got out just this february. The Drunken Tales is the one that really made me post this in this blog, so mainly pay attention to that. Their earlier stuff tends to be more goth/doom metal in that sense, but still pretty good. So if you, readers, are also into metal, the earlier albums might be your cup of tea! For instance, it's a good listen if you liked bands like Swallow the Sun or, I don't know, Draconian?

So go on, press on those links, I know you want to!

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