Friday, May 24, 2013


Don't really know where to start. If you haven't heard of these guys, I guess you've missed the whole 2011 stoner/doom scene. In 2011 Elder really shook the scene with it's mind-blowing release of mesmerizing psychedelia doom. Think of Samsara Blues Experiment going less wall-of-sound and more structured. But that's still a whole different thing, still nothing like that!

What started out in 2005 as a bunch of kids, who then in 2008 released a first full-length of questionable value; It sounded straightforward, not too bad of an, but absolutely forgettable record; well... It ended up here, with Dead Roots Stirring. And is still going. Dead Roots Stirring definitely gone in my top 5 albums of 2011. There are it's flaws, or filler tracks I guess, but you completely don't mind that as long as you hear the first 3 tracks off the album. Breathtaking passages, brilliant vox and beautiful mood. Riffs are amazing and unforgettable and I still catch myself playing them out in my head from time to time.

Their latest unnamed EP, "Spires Burn/Release", is really reaching the same way and I really hope that guys will progress their sound even further with the next release. Which, by the way, is in works and according to them slowly but fruitfully reaching towards it's end. New songs may soon be shared.

In the mean while, go and listen, children of doom! Go and listen!

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