Saturday, May 4, 2013


Today it is going to be a bit different. Today it's going to be a post-metal band from Finland. But the main thing I want to accent here is the 2 albums by them. I find them to be genius in their own way, by depth and the picture they create. This very nordic kind of forest and mountain landscape, winter trees on which the snow melts and drips onto the ground. This is something I get out of these 2 albums, and I keep returning to these for years now.

The albums I am talking about are "True nature unfolds" and "Noir". Callisto have managed to incorporate very folk themes, sometimes it even goes into soothing jazz with the sax playing slow and mildly, sometimes it's flutes, and then it goes into deep plundering riffs, lol! But that really suits it. Even the vocals don't seem a problem, again, because it suits it. Also, I would like to give credits to the drummer, who I find had did a very great job there. But whatever you do, do not listen to their newest album!

Anyway, check them out your selves!

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