Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sula Bassana

Guten tag, meine freunde! Today's first post is dedicated to a brilliant DIY artist Dave Schmidt under Sula Bassana pseudonym . A guy with lots of tallent from Germany, that works under Elektrohash Records. Sula usually does all the instruments on his own, with occasional bands and people participating on the record (like, for instance, Stefan Koglek on vocals on "The Night").

Sula has released a number of albums, each being different from each other by both the feel, the music and direction. He definitely likes to re-hash things and look for new ways of expression. Me, I've started to get familiar with him with "The Night" record, which to this day I find the most unforgettable and that keeps me getting back to his stuff. But for me it's the spacey feel of it, and to each his own. And this dude here knows how to offer different sorts of atmospheres, as mentioned.

Highly recommended to all fans Pink Floydy kind of sound, with occasional electronica thrown in. Spacy, psychedelic and always interesting. Do scout through his records and I am completely sure that most of you will find something of their own to listen to here. Overall I could describe it as space rock or kraut rock sometimes.

Some personal favorites: (gorgeus!)

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