Monday, April 29, 2013

Valley of the Sun

When I heard these guys for the first time - I was all like "Wow! This is exactly what I was looking for!". This is more agressive than the previous post, with more epicness to it and brilliant John Garcia sounding vocals! So I guess all you Kyuss fans out there would really digg this one! I know I did. Brilliant for those summer freeway rides! (Not like a sad fuck like me knows)

So this Cincinati, Ohio based piece released a couple of efforts, first of which I don't find particularly interesting, though the "Sayings of the Seers" is the shit I fell in love with! Plus it is currently available at bandcamp as a <name your price> album. So do check it out.

They are currently working on another release, and were gathering funds to record it by donations (in exchange for vinyls and other goodies of course). So I guess it'll be a matter of months and we'll see what they've came up with this time. I am sure anticipating the new release, are you?

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