Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Yet another gem from Sweden. A blues-rock band Graveyard. Graveyard is a slight older band than Blues Pills, yet non the less genius! They've released 3 mostly amazing albums, of which I find the 2nd and the 3rd one the most interesting. And look at that cover of their second album! Is there anything more rock/bluesy you've ever seen? I banged my head (on wood) the whole last summer to them last summer, and I can tell you - this is totally worth a lot of attention! Also brilliant for both bike through nature and a car on a freeway.

I guess Sweden is on the rise on the blues-rock scene, since it keeps spitting out these gorgeous pieces of music lately (Graveyard, Blues Pills, Almost Nature...). Definitely a very fresh sounding stuff!

Just listen to this:


Blues Pills

Ok, something completely fresh this time. Meet Blues Pills, a young band from Sweden, that revives the good traditions of blues-rock with female vocals. And wow do they make it sound fresh! Interestingly they've found me on facebook and added me, which at first made me skeptical. Then again, why not use facebook to gather some listeners around the world? Specially when you're this good! Because when I've actually heard them, I had the jawdrop reaction and every single trace of skepticism left my body with saliva dripping from my gnarled mouth.

Currently guys have released couple of EP's and heading for a full-length album. So always a good idea to support them by buying albums through the links below!

Ok, so now, just have a listen at what they have to say:


Colour Haze

Well, since I'm doing the walk through the best stuff I already know kind of thing, I couldn't miss out on these guys. Most of you readers probably know them already, if you listen to the sorts of music this blog is dedicated to. But it would be a shame to skip on them. These guys are a total DIY project from Munich, Germany. They have made it to open their own studio and an indie record label, Elektrohash Records, that signed some awesome bands like Causa Sui, The Kings of Frog Island and Sula Bassana.

Colour Haze are Stefan Koglek, Philipp Rasthofer and Manfred Merwald. These 3 guys released are active since the beginning of the 90's, releasing about 10 full-length albums by now (with the 1st album being a total wtf that they hated them selves in the end) and are a gorgeous mash-up of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Kyuss and more. It all comes together forming a great unique sound with brilliant idea flows. And that guitar tone is just wow! Every track is more of a story that infinetly progresses, rather than just a riff based song.

With every next album Haze are trying to bring something new into their sound, as it happened with their latest effort - "She said", that brought new instruments and ideas into the play. I highly advise this band to anyone loving both soothing jams and heavy stoner sound.

Here are some videos and links below, as usual. First video reminds me of Solaris movie by Tarkovsky. Do check out both:

Monday, April 29, 2013


Ah, Canada! You do have some bands to offer! This one seems to be inspired by Electric Wizard and is a 100% DIY project. But just listen to that production and those crushing filthy riffs! The dirty sludgy vocals! I mean, wow... Even though the tracks are pretty simplistic (thus easy to learn, which is always fun), they keep you mesmerized. And the samples from old 70's movies create a great atmosphere!

Three outstanding albums are out at this point. Let's see what comes next. To be honest though, if they keep it the same style in the next album, I doubt it'll end up being good... Maybe on it's own, but otherwise 3 albums worth of material with this kind of simplistic sound will fizzle itself out very soon. Not that those 3 albums aren't f*cking outstanding! I am highly advising to give this one a good listen. Preferably when you feel particularly dirty :)

Some vids:


Valley of the Sun

When I heard these guys for the first time - I was all like "Wow! This is exactly what I was looking for!". This is more agressive than the previous post, with more epicness to it and brilliant John Garcia sounding vocals! So I guess all you Kyuss fans out there would really digg this one! I know I did. Brilliant for those summer freeway rides! (Not like a sad fuck like me knows)

So this Cincinati, Ohio based piece released a couple of efforts, first of which I don't find particularly interesting, though the "Sayings of the Seers" is the shit I fell in love with! Plus it is currently available at bandcamp as a <name your price> album. So do check it out.

They are currently working on another release, and were gathering funds to record it by donations (in exchange for vinyls and other goodies of course). So I guess it'll be a matter of months and we'll see what they've came up with this time. I am sure anticipating the new release, are you?


Luna Negra

Ok, so I guess it is time to justify the name of the blog with some dusty grooves.

These here guys are from Poland, never the less - they do know their dusty desert sound like not a lot of bands do! Sound's very groovy and even when goes into faster and heavier stuff, it still sounds kind of laid back.

Overall it's hard for me to pin point the influences on this one. There might be just a tiny bit of Orange Goblin there, mashed up with some Felipe Arcazas, I guess?

The guys have released only 1 demo album in 2009 so far,  and the current state of the band is unknown. I am afraid they might've split, which is a shame since I know of no other band that would get this particular sound as good. In fact, if any of you readers know anything of similar matter - I'm always open to suggestions! :)

Check it out yourself:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C2rznzhF1w and


Sunday, April 28, 2013

The :Egocentrics

Say hello to the most brilliant Romanian band you've ever heard - The :Egocentrics!
I must say this is one of those bands I fell in love with. Brilliant spacey jams, wide landscapes, very outstanding grooves and beautiful tone is what you're getting!

I would recommend to start familiarizing your self with these guys on "Love, Fear, Choices and Astronauts", and then moving on to their conceptual album, "Center of the Cyclone". The tracks on the first album are more open in that matter, having this feel of lightness and accessibility for any sorts of listeners. A very good mood setter as well! The conceptual album on the other hand was more of a work to really get into, at least for me: it is definitely a turn in a different direction and a go for less jammy, yet more... storytelling kind of music? (Duh! Conceptual...) Anyway, it took me couple of listens to get the album, and it turned out that I love it just as much as I love the first one...

Both albums are real good though, and according to them - 3rd one is on the way!
More reasons to visit Romania some time!

Couple of favorite tracks are (I must say it's really hard to choose!):
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWG3uf-YMsk (couldn't embed this one)


Kamni / Камни

It took me a while to figure out, what would be the first band I'll post here. So I decided it should be something really deserving attention, yet really unknown at this point.

Meet Kamni - a great new stoner/doom band from Moscow.
Formed just few years ago, these guys unleashed their first crushing and filthy riffs at 2010. I was really stunned by how fresh and catchy it sounded. Never before have I heard a russian band being this right-on about how proper stoner should sound.

By now the guys have made 2 EP releases, pretty different in their nature, and are looking for a record label to record their full-length. The first EP comes off as a heavier piece in good ol' weedy sludgy doom traditions, while the second one stretching out towards the mix with hinduistic themes, having sitars, flutes and jambes going off as the ground layer.

Couple of my favorite tracks would be:

Support the guys and buy their stuff, it is definitely worth it!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

WFA: So it begins...

I guess finally it is time! Finally the dusty sandstorms whispered to me and I gathered my self and created this blog.

This blog will be dedicated to gathering stoner, desert rock, doom, psychedelic and other music I find most worthwhile. Posts might be a bit rare, yet only because I will try and really filter the stuff I am posting here. So let the seas  roar and mighty mountains crumble, as time passes by in eternal spiral...

More to come...