Sunday, April 28, 2013

The :Egocentrics

Say hello to the most brilliant Romanian band you've ever heard - The :Egocentrics!
I must say this is one of those bands I fell in love with. Brilliant spacey jams, wide landscapes, very outstanding grooves and beautiful tone is what you're getting!

I would recommend to start familiarizing your self with these guys on "Love, Fear, Choices and Astronauts", and then moving on to their conceptual album, "Center of the Cyclone". The tracks on the first album are more open in that matter, having this feel of lightness and accessibility for any sorts of listeners. A very good mood setter as well! The conceptual album on the other hand was more of a work to really get into, at least for me: it is definitely a turn in a different direction and a go for less jammy, yet more... storytelling kind of music? (Duh! Conceptual...) Anyway, it took me couple of listens to get the album, and it turned out that I love it just as much as I love the first one...

Both albums are real good though, and according to them - 3rd one is on the way!
More reasons to visit Romania some time!

Couple of favorite tracks are (I must say it's really hard to choose!): (couldn't embed this one)

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