Tuesday, July 30, 2013

WFA: Proper mood...

Third month of existence of this blog is coming to it's end. And here's some proper mood for today:

Monday, July 29, 2013

Crown Larks

Hey there guys! As I've promised, here comes a post to brighten up the Monday morning with mellow and sometimes crazy tunes. Today's topic is an interesting and rather original experimental psychedelic rock band from Chicago. Crown Larks were formed in 2012 and since have released an album. Their sound ranges from spacey jams to funky jazzy parts to quiet acoustic mellow moments. And as I am fool for sax in psych music, I can't not mention the nice feel it adds to it. So together it all creates some nice moods, that sometimes even have this homely-cozy tinge to them. Take for example 'Aquarium' or 'Blue Lobsters', that kind of make me crave to go out to the summerhouse, jump into the hammock and put this on while chilling with some nice book. It gives off that authentic old school psychedelic rock feel.

The band's sound is said to be inspired by such artists as Soft Machine, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Galaxie 500, Boredoms, Syd Barrett, Moonrises, and CAVE. The bands album Catalytic Conversion is available through bandcamp on CD, tape cassette or as a name-your-price digital download. So dig in, psych lovers, this one is a really nice roll down your lane.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

WFA: Almost there!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the hold up with posts, had some stressful shit happening here last week. But there are some posts coming soon. Most probably tomorrow! For now I'll try and make it worth you while with these two:

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Album: All Them Witches - Extra Pleasant EP

Well, it's raining like hell out here, and out in Nashville it's hot as hell appearantly. And that there was the part of inspiration for this fresh EP by one of my currently favorite bands - All Them Witches. This album started raw and bluesy from the first notes! They've actually took it even more of an blues direction, and that was precisely what was necessary at the moment.

The bandcamp page states that the album was recorded on a 4-track cassette tape using two mics, hense the nice raw, somewhat garage sound. Must warn you though - this here is to be enjoyed on your headphones! It opens up with a nice and very true-blue "Salesman" with nice vocal effects, airy guitars and bright drums, ending in nice Floydesque riffs. Your best rainy-day companion! The second track now goes on into this brilliant jammy vibe that gives off the heat it was recorded in. At points reminds me of the more desrtish/bluesy jams of Causa Sui, without the overly intense parts that weren't exactly my cup of tea. "Sludger" was a weird but on-spot sounding piece, yet I don't really get why it was there as a separate track... I guess to cut the last song in a way that you don't necessary need to go through the extra-long intro, which the track has anyway. But frankly I wasn't too big of a fan of that last one, "Swallowed by the sea". Yes, it does have great drumming on it, some nice riffs, but it just doesn't work with the kind of production guys went for.

Overall, I'd say the EP is successful. I really digg the groovy parts of it, which are the guys' strongest parts as usual. The production is pretty cool, and first 2 tracks I found right on! And you can get it for only $4 (or more), which is totally cool considering my bum-ass budget (and lately I've been stumbling on a lot of $10-15 albums, that weren't really worth it. Again, considering my bum-ass budget). So yeah, dig in, drop out and enjoy some bluesy jams from All Them Witches!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tangerine Stoned

Italy has its own weird relationship with music. Or is it me that has weird relationship with Italy? To be honest - the Italian bands that I find interesting can be counted on the fingers of one hand (feel free to correct me in the comments). Thankfully there's another band that made the list. Tangerine Stoned was formed in mid 2011 to bring us some tastes of 60's psychedelia. And you can hear The Doors, Frank Zappa, some Pink Floyd in there as soon as you turn their first and currently the only album on. So one thing you have to get over is - yes, it does sound a lot like the Doors. But the overall execution is quite nice, plus guys throw in some variety to it. I've found the "L'Urlo della Strega" track to be really laid back and quite original, and maybe the band should explore that direction. Oh and that ending keys solo on Dirty Ceiling is just something.

Overall I can say that they have a pretty cool psychedelic sound, musically it all sounds on spot. So guys are definitely good musicians. Definitely a something to check out on a sunny day. One thing they should do though, is try and find something more of their own, because frankly I can't stop thinking to myself: "Call me a damn ass-goblin if they don't sound too much like The Doors". That kind of keeps you from really enjoying the music and diving into it. Will have to return to them by their next release and see where they've taken it!

The band is getting ready to tour the Europe, so check 'em out, see if you'd go see them live:


Monday, July 15, 2013


Time to return to some proper stoner / desert rock. And again we are in Los Angeles, CA, among palms and frying in the midday sun. So came into existence Sasquatch! The trio of Keith Gibbs (guitar/vox), Rick Ferrante (drums) and Jason Casanova (bass) (and 2001-2007 bass player Clayton Charles) bring you the bashing sounds of fuzzed out stoner rock in it's pure form, and those guitar tones that Mojave amps give out make you just trip out into the desert. The bands music had been featured in many movies, tv shows and games, such as Jersey Girl, Bam's Unholy Union, Supernatural, Viva la Bam, NHL 2005 and American Chopper. With every album the quality of their sound progresses and takes on new levels of fuzz and mass. So far it's been 3 albums and although not all of their songs bare the power, they all bare the atmosphere of that classic dirty bar rock n' roll.

A great listen, so check it out now:


Charts and Maps

Another gem I wanted to share with you today is Charts and Maps. Formed in Los Angeles and sadly broken up band has a distinctive and pretty unique psychedelic jazz-rock sound. Combined with elements of math and post rock influences it creates a very interesting listening experience, taking you to the streets of a big city, somewhat taking you back to the jazz times. The bright tones and sax layers make it all very stylish. This band was claimed to be one of the most interesting live experiences of the LA underground scene. And it is best represented in their only full-length album - "Dead Horse" (2011). Makes me think I'd give things to witness them on stage.

Little is known of their actual history, mostly just other projects they've played. Such Heard of Elephants, The Nocturnes, Random Patterns and Woolen. Sadly non of these bands didn't get me to experience that feeling Charts and Maps do. Random Patterns sometimes get close and is overall a nice listen non the less.
Here are some of the favorite songs and some links:


Sweet Smoke

Hey guys! Yeah, it's been a while, I know... Had to take care of some things (like my head for instance). The times of this band were also quite a while ago. So let us go on a trip to the end of the 60's and the beginning of the 70's, times of changes and rise of psychedelic rock scene, when it really started shaping into something powerful. The band I'm talking about today is Sweet Smoke. Some of you might know the band, me - I just stumbled upon this gem few months ago. If you are looking for some nice and chilled out tunes, with flutes, acoustic guitars, violins, sax, cellos and piano interludes - well this is the thing you are looking for. This is some classic psych nicely mixed with jazz. Perfect relaxation music!

Sweet Smoke was born in mid 60's in Brooklyn, NY. After playing an audition gig in a bar, they were offered to play in the Caribbean. Guys took the offer, quit the schools and went on. What followed was months of extensive playing every night for hours and hours, and so the band solidified in a sense. Their sound acquired shape... Soon after, they've decided that going back to Brooklyn wasn't an option, and after some debates they've moved to Germany to live as a commune. There they record and release their first effort called "Just a Poke" (1970). Filled with soothing melodies and the feels of summer, sun, lying around on the grass, by a river and embracing life as it is... Truly a hippie sound.
During later years the band had taken a pause from making music, and most of the members took off on a road trip to India, where they've stayed for a year, in Ashram, learning meditation and chanting. It had greatly impacted their next album, released in 1973. "Darkness to Light" was the last actual album (except for the live record, released later on). More instruments have been incorporated and the band grew by 2 more members.

Band members are alive to this day, and sometimes gather for some laughs and jams. Taste the sound of freedom for your selves:


Friday, July 5, 2013

Prisma Circus

I wanted to review this band for a while now, and when you'll hear them, you'll know why. Warm welcomes to you from Barcelona heavy psych trio Prisma Circus! The band first formed as a duet of Alex Carmona Blanco on drums and Joaquin Escudero Arce on bass/vox in the late 2010 and started their work on songs, was later joined by a brilliant guitarist Oscar Garcia Albizu. The line-up stayed the same to this day. And isn't it a great one? Fluent and funky psychedelic rhythms, tones full of fuzz and wah, cool beats and damn nice vox. It all mashes up into an outstanding mix of spacey psychedelia, that sounds to be influenced by many great 60's and 70's rock artists. With all the interesting and pretty original moves they manage to make you swirl in the sound. Really sunny and summery!

Prisma Circus released an 4-track EP in 2012 and is now almost finished on their first full-length album! Even more of a reason to mention them. I will be reviewing the new album as soon as I get my hands on it. For now, all of you Hendrix, Floyd, Astra and blues-rock admirers - you'll love what follows:


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Second Grave

It's been a while without some decent doom! And in the moment of need it found me on it's own. Ladies and gentlemen, here's a fresh doom from Boston, Massachusetts - Second Grave. The band formed in 2012 as Gein on bass, Chuck Ferreira on drums, Chris Drzal on guitar and Krista Van Guilder on vocals and guitar (!). They've managed to record their debut album that same year. No surprise since all of the band members are experienced musicians who have participated/participate in such acts as Black Pyramid, Obsidian Halo, Dahlia's Dead, Warhorse and others.

I would like to mention separately, that the band's forntman, or should I say frontwoman, has a gorgeous voice. Those rock bands with female vocals ain't too much of an widespread phenomenon, and rock bands with great female vocals are so much more rare. I take my hat off and say that this is the case. She really doesn't go over the line of what she can perfectly pull off, and what she can pull off sounds great as is.  The band plays the sort of classic style of doom with the dark aura and literature topics. The production on the record is pretty good. Can't say that the musical part is exceptional but it manages to keep attention some 70% of the time. There are some really good tracks, like 'Covet', the instrumental track 'Salvation' and 'Soul Extinction', and there are the less inspired tracks that frankly seemed kind of repetitive and monotonous on both vocals and music. But I must say, that the band does have that something that makes them work. They probably need to spend some more time together writing songs and, hopefully, next album will bring us more of the doom awesomeness!

The band is non the less good, and that 'Covet' track I just fell in love with.
Go on and listen, support and make sacrifices:


Monday, July 1, 2013

Track of the Day: Various Artists - Reformation Blues

A very chilled out day today! Finally feeling rested and well slept. Still dying to get the fuck out of work and get home to my new VOX VT20+ and wait for the soon-to-be-mine Epiphone LP Standard PlusTop! Other good news include me finally getting the internet connected at my new place and which most probably will translate into more posts for you guys, so stay tuned. 
And the main reason of this post is this here gem of a track. The album can be checked out at Discogs, all tracks should be available on youtube. I am already considering getting it!

The Sizlacks

It's a perfect day for something laid back today. I figured it's time to write about The Sizlacks, a psychedelic surfer rock from Australia. The one and only Australia, packed with poisonous wombats and deadly pigeons, sea crocodiles and most venomous jellyfish. Yet there's still room to be chilled and laid back surfer dude, long hair, beards and brilliant psychedelic rock! So this trio arose in a beautiful city of Perth on the western coast of Australia, and started delivering swirling and stoner waves right at us! And along with these waves - the brilliant artworks that accompany each song. Seriously guys, whoever is doing these artworks - you, sir, are a genius!

The band it self is pretty fresh and started out just recently, so there ain't a lot of material really, but the stuff that is available is damn gorgeous! Everything from guitar tones, drums and all the way to vocals seems right spot-on. The surfer vibe is perfectly there and makes you want to grab that desk from under the PC and go catch a wave. A very advisable listen to any one who likes chilled out psychedelia and such bands as Brujas del Sol.

So join us for some brilliant summer vibes: