Monday, July 15, 2013

Sweet Smoke

Hey guys! Yeah, it's been a while, I know... Had to take care of some things (like my head for instance). The times of this band were also quite a while ago. So let us go on a trip to the end of the 60's and the beginning of the 70's, times of changes and rise of psychedelic rock scene, when it really started shaping into something powerful. The band I'm talking about today is Sweet Smoke. Some of you might know the band, me - I just stumbled upon this gem few months ago. If you are looking for some nice and chilled out tunes, with flutes, acoustic guitars, violins, sax, cellos and piano interludes - well this is the thing you are looking for. This is some classic psych nicely mixed with jazz. Perfect relaxation music!

Sweet Smoke was born in mid 60's in Brooklyn, NY. After playing an audition gig in a bar, they were offered to play in the Caribbean. Guys took the offer, quit the schools and went on. What followed was months of extensive playing every night for hours and hours, and so the band solidified in a sense. Their sound acquired shape... Soon after, they've decided that going back to Brooklyn wasn't an option, and after some debates they've moved to Germany to live as a commune. There they record and release their first effort called "Just a Poke" (1970). Filled with soothing melodies and the feels of summer, sun, lying around on the grass, by a river and embracing life as it is... Truly a hippie sound.
During later years the band had taken a pause from making music, and most of the members took off on a road trip to India, where they've stayed for a year, in Ashram, learning meditation and chanting. It had greatly impacted their next album, released in 1973. "Darkness to Light" was the last actual album (except for the live record, released later on). More instruments have been incorporated and the band grew by 2 more members.

Band members are alive to this day, and sometimes gather for some laughs and jams. Taste the sound of freedom for your selves:

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