Monday, July 15, 2013

Charts and Maps

Another gem I wanted to share with you today is Charts and Maps. Formed in Los Angeles and sadly broken up band has a distinctive and pretty unique psychedelic jazz-rock sound. Combined with elements of math and post rock influences it creates a very interesting listening experience, taking you to the streets of a big city, somewhat taking you back to the jazz times. The bright tones and sax layers make it all very stylish. This band was claimed to be one of the most interesting live experiences of the LA underground scene. And it is best represented in their only full-length album - "Dead Horse" (2011). Makes me think I'd give things to witness them on stage.

Little is known of their actual history, mostly just other projects they've played. Such Heard of Elephants, The Nocturnes, Random Patterns and Woolen. Sadly non of these bands didn't get me to experience that feeling Charts and Maps do. Random Patterns sometimes get close and is overall a nice listen non the less.
Here are some of the favorite songs and some links:

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