Monday, July 15, 2013


Time to return to some proper stoner / desert rock. And again we are in Los Angeles, CA, among palms and frying in the midday sun. So came into existence Sasquatch! The trio of Keith Gibbs (guitar/vox), Rick Ferrante (drums) and Jason Casanova (bass) (and 2001-2007 bass player Clayton Charles) bring you the bashing sounds of fuzzed out stoner rock in it's pure form, and those guitar tones that Mojave amps give out make you just trip out into the desert. The bands music had been featured in many movies, tv shows and games, such as Jersey Girl, Bam's Unholy Union, Supernatural, Viva la Bam, NHL 2005 and American Chopper. With every album the quality of their sound progresses and takes on new levels of fuzz and mass. So far it's been 3 albums and although not all of their songs bare the power, they all bare the atmosphere of that classic dirty bar rock n' roll.

A great listen, so check it out now:

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