Friday, May 31, 2013

WFA: Away from the city we go!

Hey guys! Leaving for the weekend towards the countryside with my gal', my buddy and possibly couple o' lesbians. What a pack, eh? Well sounds like it's gonna be a lot of fun. Some beer, some pot, jamming on acoustics and jambes and sauna... A motherfucking sauna! So wishing you all too a good weekend, chill out, zen and when I get back I promise to throw in some nice band reviews for you guys.

Peace out! And here's an Orange Goblin track for you, and some Floyd to set the mood:

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tumbleweed Dealer

A freshly arrived instrumental two-piece with their freshly released self-titled album from Montreal. Slow, full of blues with the distinct buzzy guitar. Feels really jammy and nice. If you ask me - it's all not very different from their EP, yet somehow sounds less repetitive. Well and the production is definitely there, you can hear it as clear as a rain drop, that just dripped into that filled up barrel on a rainy day. Funnily, this metaphor was born while listening to their "Sons of the desert", lol. Oh, well, I guess sons got them selves some rain finally.

Overall really solid and jammy sounding band, drug influenced and trippy at times. Closest thing I could remember is All Them Witches and a bit of Wo Fat. But I guess they've found a lot of inspiration in the olden heavy metal band sounds too. Anyway, this is to all you blues rock/metal lovers out there. It's fresh and good. Though next album - they'd have to mash things up somehow and really bring something new into the sound or direction. Maybe try to go for occasional vocals? Well, enough of me yapping, go, listen, support!

Videos and links to be found BELOW:

Monday, May 27, 2013

Neon Warship

Something to blow everyone away with the powerful mighty riffage of a warship heading into space! A fresh act, started out in 2011, here is Neon Warship, Ohio's finest stoner metal/rock! This trio has released their first demo that really blew my mind! And there's nothing better for me that suits this day, than this powerful ship getting crushed by waves, yet it's neon wood doesn't even creek and it's sail never goes down. And the vocals sound outstanding and fresh: they've managed to nicely mix 70's occult voice with the freshness of today's stoner rock. Give these guys a warm welcome! Immerse your self in this universe of proper heavy rock and don't turn back!

Oh and don't forget to fly this baby into space with the closing track - "Burn The Breeze".

Here's the treat for today, you everyone:

Friday, May 24, 2013

Jex Thoth

The first word that comes to mind to describe Jex Thoth is sexy. The whole imagery of a woman being the force of nature, the woman being a witch, in a ritualistic, occult and a kind of a close to nature way, - it's unbelievably sexy. I've always fell for that like a sucker. I am a sucker for pagan themes. This music to me is the definition of it. The quality of the record and some songs may seem odd or not very interesting to some of you, but trust me - it's the feel that works here and it really hypnotizes you.

The very heavy raw and distinctive guitar sound, the brilliant vocals and keyboards, the flutes and percussions... And bam! You're there, you're in the woods, by the fire. With a sacrifice being made to the moon. Ok, sorry, I'm getting carried away sometimes, lol!
So far since 2008, the band released 1 full-length and 3 EP's, but another full-length and an EP is coming our way this year. Supposedly, the album is gonna be available next month. I do highly advise this to all you pagan, doom and nature lovers.

And I hope you'll like it as much as I did:


Don't really know where to start. If you haven't heard of these guys, I guess you've missed the whole 2011 stoner/doom scene. In 2011 Elder really shook the scene with it's mind-blowing release of mesmerizing psychedelia doom. Think of Samsara Blues Experiment going less wall-of-sound and more structured. But that's still a whole different thing, still nothing like that!

What started out in 2005 as a bunch of kids, who then in 2008 released a first full-length of questionable value; It sounded straightforward, not too bad of an, but absolutely forgettable record; well... It ended up here, with Dead Roots Stirring. And is still going. Dead Roots Stirring definitely gone in my top 5 albums of 2011. There are it's flaws, or filler tracks I guess, but you completely don't mind that as long as you hear the first 3 tracks off the album. Breathtaking passages, brilliant vox and beautiful mood. Riffs are amazing and unforgettable and I still catch myself playing them out in my head from time to time.

Their latest unnamed EP, "Spires Burn/Release", is really reaching the same way and I really hope that guys will progress their sound even further with the next release. Which, by the way, is in works and according to them slowly but fruitfully reaching towards it's end. New songs may soon be shared.

In the mean while, go and listen, children of doom! Go and listen!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Oh the fuzz, the winds of Ra, the raw, sandy guitars! Egypt do know how a 70's influenced  heavy desert rock/doom band should sound. And this is it. I mean, I was in love with their EP for years now. All the time I worshiped the EP, I thought the band ceased to exist, and here I open their page to review these great bastards and I realize they've made another release. And further more - there's a Wo Fat/Egypt split almost knocking on our doors!

The sound is perfect and riffs are catchy and raw, all that wrapped in occult themed lyrics and an eyecandy of a cover art! Now there goes a desert rock band from North Dakota (!), that really bares it's distinct sound.


Evoke Thy Lords

Did you guys liked Kamni? Did you loved the filth of Dopethrone? Well as it turns out Siberia has it's answer, and it's been around for some 7 years now. For all you doom, sludge and stoner lovers, here's a band that I promise you'd be interested in Evoke Thy Lords. Crushing sounds from Novosibirsk in the good vein of the first album of Kamni, Dopethrone, some nice parts of Elder are there, all in the mix and sounding really badass! Sounds and themes reaching towards themes of H.P.Lovecraft (here I just can't miss an opportunity to say how much I love Lovecrafts work!). And the flute and the female vocal interludes give it an almost symphonic feel at times.

Evokers of Kthulhu released 2 full-lengths and a split with Riders on the Bones. One of the albums is completely fresh and got out just this february. The Drunken Tales is the one that really made me post this in this blog, so mainly pay attention to that. Their earlier stuff tends to be more goth/doom metal in that sense, but still pretty good. So if you, readers, are also into metal, the earlier albums might be your cup of tea! For instance, it's a good listen if you liked bands like Swallow the Sun or, I don't know, Draconian?

So go on, press on those links, I know you want to!

La Chinga

Ok, so you guys missed something driving, something that rocks your head? Something really rock n' roll. Well here it is - La Chinga, coming to you straight from Vancouver! A hard rock trio that really got that classic sound down. You can hear influences like AC/DC, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, some Orange Goblin in there and many more. But then there also come some real nice psychedelic and jazzy funky influences in there too! Overall, these guys found me in the exactly the right moment, when I needed a mood lifter like this. And I thank them for that!

La Chinga have just released their first effort, a very solid 10 track album. On the album they've tried to spice it up with the american native tribe moods. That one as I see didn't really succeed, I mean to the extent I would await (I always wanted to find a band that would really nicely incorporate those things in their music). Otherwise - it's a great release, so come and get yours! And for those vinyl lovers - the album is available in a limited print of 200 vinyls, so make sure to get yours!

Watch, listen, support:

Friday, May 17, 2013

Vintage Cucumber

Vintage Cucumber. What a far out name, it just keeps popping in my head and give me a great deal of laughs. Oh, but the music is no less far out! This time we are on a space trip through nature with this ambient-experimental DIY artist from Germany, Johannes Schultz. Feel the ambiance of being out there, in the woods, with kids laughing and running around the trees. Time changes from early mornings to late evenings and night, landscapes vary from looks at minuscule details to suddenly growing into big sceneries. Though he always keeps you sort of grounded. I guess a kind of natural down-to-earth feel to it.

Johannes has released 4 full-length albums 3 really weird EP's and a soundtrack to a cute mario-looking rasta game (the name of it can be checked out on his bandcamp page, since I have no means to repeat that name, lol). The EP's didn't go anywhere for me, kind of too fucked up for my taste. But he managed to release a lot of very cool tracks on those full-lengths. It very much reminded me of Umber, who's music I will review later on.

Also, some goodies: Johannes told me they are planning on a split release with Felipe Arcazas! Great news, cannot wait to hear it. Sadly, I don't know the theme of the upcoming split, so we'll leave it to them to uncover if they want.

Links and videos to get mezmerized below:

Thursday, May 16, 2013

WFA: Hot days, bike rides and space lords

Damn great day outside! Finally on my bike for couple of days now. Since the weather is so nice, it's more bike riding less blogging for now. But stay tuned, since 4 great band reviews are coming soon. To make the wait more colorful and give you a taste of things to come, here's a little something for you: a Siberian band Evoke Thy Lords.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Heavy Company

The Heavy Company, The Heavy Co., THC. Can't be more accurate to describe what these guys are all about! This not widely known little trio brings us some of the best bright, laid-back rock compositions in the good ol' traditions of fuzzed out stoner. You can hear some blues and psychedelica in there as well. A good addition for all you Led Zeppelin, Ozzy/Black Sabbath, Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Machine lovers.

Since 2008 the band released 2 great albums. Too bad it took 'em a while like that, but the albums are pretty fucking great! Just finished listening through their 2nd album, and guys really spiced the things up. You can hear a lot of progress on the record. Sound is very fluid and fuzzy, and all the swirly-wirly effects are just on-spot! I gotta tell you - this one was worth a wait. And their bandcamp page says it was originally intended to record it on a 8-track tape machine, which in the moment of truth broke down, as it usually happens... Well, for the good or the bad - it did, and the album I believe didn't lose anything.

So pay attention to these three, I am sure they will surprise you. Support! And here's a selection of videos and links:

Macaco Bong

Another greeting from Brazil - Macaco Bong! Monkey bong if you will. This musician trio of Bruno Kayapy, Ynaia Benthroldo and Gabriel Murilo was shown to me by Felipe Arcazas. Much kudos to him, I have found a few of my new favorite songs! These guys play instrumental rock with a spice of experimental. Overall really warm sounds and groovy vibes, you can practically feel the rhythm of Brazil in there. Other times it turns pretty schizophrenic and messed up, but always under great control by the driving force of the band - guitarist Bruno Kayapy.

Since 2005 there have been 1 EP and 2 full-length albums released. The band participated in numerous events and have made it self a name back in Brazil. Turns out they are highly referenced there because of their sound. And now the band is planning to join up forces with another experimental band that Bruno produced the album for, The Skrotes, who mix styles like samba, drum n' bass, punk, jazz, classical and metal. Both of them are planning to tour the country and promise to present their music in a whole different viewpoint, mixing all of it together and coming up with some new stuff. Stuff that should also make the new album, so be prepared.

Ok, so without any further adieu, here's Macaco Bong: (!!!)

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Prepare for something new and very intense. Very Nordic and rooted in pagan past of Norway. This, my friends, is what pagan is all about. Wardruna had managed to created a unique atmosphere, a unique take on this music, wrapped into a dark ambient neo-folk candy-wrap.

This one-of-a-kind meditation music was made possible by an ex-member of a satanism worshiping (in a sense of an opposition to Christianity, and belief in a god within everything) Norwegian black metal band, Gorgoroth, - Kvitrafn. He then gathered a few other musicians together, like Ghaal and gorgeous Lindy Fay on vocals and Hallvard Kleiveland on Norwegian Fiddle. They have released 2 albums out of the planned runaljod trilogy. Though the second album I like kind of less, it really takes much more getting into to understand. But there are tracks like "Rotlaust tre fell" or "Solringen" which are still more accessible in that matter. The first album though is a masterpiece, and by listening all through it in one go, you induce a very calm medititive state.

And oh, did this music make my recent trip to Norway. It's a whole different experience to see those mountains, to hike through the forests, where at points you get balls-deep in snow, to whitness the landscape of the fyords. The boat on the picture is the boat from the Viking museum, and I must say - this is the most interesting part of Oslo museums. It has couple of original Viking boats in pretty much perfect condition, excavated from clay, and a lot of other things like tools, weapons, even decoration pieces they've made ages ago. It all blends with the music and creates this deep feeling, this sense of the cold violent world where only the strong ones survive... Not like Norway today is anything like that.

An interview with Ghaal, where he explains his views on the world is here. Too bad that interviewers didn't understand shit of what he was saying. And videos regarding Wardruna are below, as usual:

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Los Asteroide

Buenos Aires, sun, palms and shit! Oh, and groovy Argentinian spacey desert jams! Los Asteroide is a fresh band, very fluent with the grooves and melodies. There's even something of Jimi Hendrix in that guitar sound. The thing that it almost sounds like singing at points, I guess. And guys have a good sense of timing with passages and quirks they do.

So far they've released an EP album that is available for free on their bandcamp page. The intro to the album starts with a sample from radio transmission between Houston and a space shuttle, accompanied by very spacey synth chords and guitar intro. I can name this intro to be one of my favorites, it really sets the proper mood for the album. Otherwise most noticeable tracks are #6 and El Traicion (on my ringtone for half a year now).

Check them out, and lets see what comes out next!

WFA: Stormy saturday

Man, what a day, what a day... That was one shitty Friday, I have to say. Breaking up isn't fun, but that's how things work in life - you pay for your good times. But at least the good times stay with you as memories.  In fact that's what relationships are all about to me - moments. Moments to remember, moments to laugh about, moments to be sad about... Vivid moments, that somehow change your life. And break-up is one of those memories too, and if by chance both of you still have heads on your shoulders, you can make it a very beautiful memory for your selves. Considering both of you understand the reason and it's pretty much nobodies fault - it has to be good ones. The goodbyes...

Funny how it stormed the whole night after. I noticed that weather works that way for me when I feel like poop. Or maybe that's just the flow of things, and the gathering of a thunderstorm is actually a gathering of something more, that it sort of alters our thinking... After all our brain responds to electromagnetic changes. What did H. Thompson say? "All energy flows according to the whims of the great Magnet. What a fool I was to defy him."

So I guess it's time to scout up some blues, get friends over for a jam and see where the day takes me. I will make some posts a bit later, but right now - track of the day:

Thursday, May 9, 2013


More treats for all you psych and prog lovers! Welcome the psychonauts from San Diego, CA (I seem to have a thing about bands from Cali), ASTRA, formerly known as Silver Sunshine. I guess the name of the band really speaks for it self! These guys play in the good traditions of 70's psych/prog rock with the tracks tending to be long and jammy. The songs form bright landscapes and beautiful imagery.

The band members, Richard Vaughan (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Conor Riley (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Stuart Sclater (bass), David Hurley (drums, percussion, flute) and Brian Ellis (guitars, moog), are all professional musicians. Guys are using some notable instruments like moog and mellotron, flutes and percussions that really add to the atmosphere. Together they've released their first effort "The Weirding" in 2009, which I stumbled upon by accident while scouting myspace for music. I was stunned by their sound, and frankly I still am. The second release, "The Black Chord" - 2012, struck me as a more repetitive and less inspired, though. Something is missing there. But it does have some noticeable stuff on it too, so give it a listen anyway, don't trust me!

Golden Void

It's funny how psychedelic rock is being played for decades now and still from time to time come the bands that put some new colors in it. This goes for today's topic - a San Francisco based psych band, Golden Void, founded by Earthless guitarist Isaiah Mitchell together with Justin Pinkerton (drums), Aaron Morgan (bass) and Camilla Saufley-Mitchell (keyboards). Guys were buddies ever since they were teenagers, played in numerous bands after finally settled together under the name Golden Void.

Their single self-titled debut album was a really nice addition to my collection. Fuzzy psych guitars, a raw sound and the keyboards really do it for the atmosphere. The band really knows how to do both their heavy stuff and the mild soothing melodies. You can very much sense this in the occasional solos and passages, that sometimes become very musical in the sense of harmonies and feel.

My favorite track, that pretty much made me pay attention, was Atlantis, the brilliant closer of the album. The  apocalyptic lyrics combined with soothing nice guitars and keyboards! Mmmmhhh! And I love how that album cover is pretty much the definition of a summer feel.

Videos and links to follow:

WFA: Get down with the sickness

Ok, so it's been couple o' days without any posts. I've had some things to take care of, but now I'm back, the weather is awesome and the mood is far fucking out! Await new posts today in the evening.

Oh, by the way, been to an improv theater show yesterday - some really funny stuff. I advise all of you who haven't been to a show like that to visit! The concept pretty much being: random guys from those who applied are called up on stage, and the audience makes up a theme and characters for them. Well and most of the time (depending on the actors and the overall mood) it turns out to be damn hilarious! Highly advised!

And while you wait, here's a track of the day:

P.S.: WFA stands for 'word from author'. That should separate these from band posts.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


But, it's almost summer now, and lets get back to something sunny! Sungrazer is the project I'm talking about. A 3-piece with a great stoner sound from Netherlands. And sunny is pretty much the most accurate description I can get, this is made to be listened to on the hot summer day, chilling somewhere, lighting that blunt! Very groovy stuff. The 2nd album is bigger on some cool effects they create in the background. Headphones advised!

The band had released 2 albums and a split with The Machine, which came out really psychedelic and wow (recorded under Elektrohash records). In fact I've only now stumbled upon it, so hello new listen! Here's a link to the album trailer You can buy it on elektrohash records webstore.

Other links and videos are where they usually are. (careful, Chrome says it's got malware!)


Today it is going to be a bit different. Today it's going to be a post-metal band from Finland. But the main thing I want to accent here is the 2 albums by them. I find them to be genius in their own way, by depth and the picture they create. This very nordic kind of forest and mountain landscape, winter trees on which the snow melts and drips onto the ground. This is something I get out of these 2 albums, and I keep returning to these for years now.

The albums I am talking about are "True nature unfolds" and "Noir". Callisto have managed to incorporate very folk themes, sometimes it even goes into soothing jazz with the sax playing slow and mildly, sometimes it's flutes, and then it goes into deep plundering riffs, lol! But that really suits it. Even the vocals don't seem a problem, again, because it suits it. Also, I would like to give credits to the drummer, who I find had did a very great job there. But whatever you do, do not listen to their newest album!

Anyway, check them out your selves!

Friday, May 3, 2013


Any of you feeling like deep heavy riffs and spaced out vocals? You've came to the right place, here's Deepspacepilots. A fresh Chicago based band with the music varying between stoner, doom and drone genres. I really felt like I should mention these guys, since they've had a pretty damn awesome 2nd release. They've managed to create some really catchy and driving stuff. And it is heavy, yet it doesn't beat on your head like much of the new stuff does. It's sort of groovy in that way.

The band made 2 albums so far and the third on is right there around the corner. Anyway according to them, the mixing should be finished any day now. While waiting for the new stuff, do check out their earlier releases. Links and videos below:

Brujas del Sol

Get ready for some long spacey grooves and a surfery vibes by Brujas del Sol, a Columbus, OH based band with some nice taste in soothing jams. All fans of psychedelic music are warmly welcomed! Slow and swirly compositions is what they're mostly about, and that they are doing really well. Perfect for a night, lying on the grass, stoning and gazing at the starry sky!

By now they've released 3 LP's and a full-length album consisting pretty much of those same songs, re-arranged and re-recorded. A great piece for the summer only costing 8$. I say - support these guys.


I feel like it's time to mention these legendary dudes - Kyuss. The whole idea of desert rock is attributed to them, and they have served as inspiration for tons of bands nowadays. Much like Black Sabbath in that sense. Very catchy tunes, raw sound and stunning desert grooves. The word 'raw' actually describes their sound really good. And John Garcia's vocals are still in the top 3 best vocals I've ever heard. Bottom line is - this band is one of those bands that formed my interest in the scene.

Kyuss formed in Palm Desert, CA in the late 80's and have been active until 1995, releasing 4 albums that defined the sound of proper desert stoner rock. Guys behind Kyuss originally were John Garcia, Josh Homme, Brant Bjork and Chris Cockrell. Then the band changed the line-up a couple o' times, joining forces with guys like Nick Oliveri, Scott Reeder and Alfredo Hernandez.

After Kyuss split, the members had participated in numerous other noteworthy projects like The Desert Sessions, Slo Burn, Unida, Hermano, Brant Brjork and the Bros, Queens of the Stone Age.

Everyone digging the sorts of music this blog is about should give them a good listen.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Felipe Arcazas

A highly recommended DIY experimental rock artist from Brazil. This is some soothing and smooth desert rock. Very chilled out, and somewhat reminds of the wind blowing the sand and slowly forming the dunes. As he him self describes - the music is sort of an invitation to the listener, an invitation to take a trip through the desert and see it with his own eyes.

He started out in 2010 with his first EP release, and by now has 3 beautiful EP's and a single. The last album he released just couple of months earlier, and the production and songwriting quality really jumped out at me this time. He is definitely progressing and getting better. One of the most noticeable tracks was "Sinicuichi" - that one really drove me into a trance state during a stormy weather. Wishing you luck Felipe and waiting to see what comes next!

Some of his influences are named to be Brant Bjork (ex-Kyuss), Frank Zappa and Yawning Man. I'd say it's a good listen for anyone.

So hop up on the train and share Felipe's vision of the desert:

Cowboys & Aliens

Digging some fast rides and desert riffs? Cowboys & Aliens has all of that! And don't mind the cheesy name - they have nothing to do with the movie...

Anyway this is some proper rock with some tasty riffs and, again, the rusty John Garcia kind of vocals by Henk Vanhee. The band it self is from Belgium. Since 1997 they've released 4 full-length albums and a recent EP. At least for me every album had quite a bunch of noticeable tracks and that great desert vibe I am digging so much!

So for all of you fans of Kyuss, Valley of the Sun and even ZZ Top - this is a piece to check out!
It's all there:

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Liking you some British rock with some fuzzy-muddy tones and blues thrown in for the taste? Say hello to Stubb. Personally I think guys have a lot of potential. Just listen to their debut self-titled release from 2012! So much power in it! I can easily say that I fell in love with every single track on that release.

On the other hand we have a disastrous release of an LP this year, which seems totally uninspired and a failed attempt at doing the magic they've done so perfectly on their debut album. And I think that might be the problem, since the debut was so good you're bound to fail at getting it as good with the second shot. I mean, I see it as a sort of a thing that follows any great album for most of the bands. They need time to recuperate and re-gather the inspiration. Don't underestimate them!

To those of you who digg some Graveyard, Cowboy & Aliens and Jimi Hendrix kind of stuff!

Videos and links:

Samsara Blues Experiment

Deep plundering riffs, fresh sounding vocals and rocking out guitars with a nice psychedelic touch. All that is Samsara Blues Experiment, a band established in 2007 based in Germany. If you're looking for something heavy and trippy, with a weird angle on India's culture - then you are right on spot. I can tell that I am not a big fan of all of the things they are doing, but they've managed to do quite a few great tracks! Amongst them I would most recommend "For the lost souls", "Center Of The Sun" and "Hangin' on the wire". The tracks are usually progressing in a slow paced manner, but those who aren't all that into it should still give them a chance. I myself aren't a big fan of too long of an intros, unless it is worthwhile.

Guys have released a demo and 2 quite successful albums and doing a lot of shows across Germany. So for any of you freaks out there in good ol' Deutschland - you should visit their show. I know I would really want to, judging by what I've seen and read.

Recommended for everyone loving them some Kyuss, heavier stuff by Causa Sui and Vibravoid.

Videos and links below:

Causa Sui

Get ready for the summer guys! And this is a must have for a good summer chill! Causa Sui are based in Germany, and are yet another great band under Elektrohash Records. They specialize in distant and long jams around psychedelic and soothing themes flowing and mixing into active and sometimes unbearably psychedelic waves. But don't be fooled by that, overall it is a very awesome and talented band. And the cover artworks are always a masterpiece of their own and hit the right spot with the music.

Their sound is very specific and summery. Grooving melodies and sunny tones. Various instruments are incorporated too, some of them being a sax, flute, native percussions, bells etc. At points they may get pretty repetitive and sometimes not suitable for active listening, being more of a background mood setter. Which is totally cool with me, as long as they're  pulling it off. The albums are usually sort of thematic and sort of blend into one long story. To me the most deserving of attention are the instrumental tracks of theirs, as the band started out with vox on their first albums but sort of went into a bit different direction later on.

Once again - highly recommended to all you Pink Floyd fans out there. The more psychedelic moments sometimes remind me of Naked Lunch movie. In a weird way this band could also work for the surf rock lovers, I guess.

Here are some videos and links:

Sula Bassana

Guten tag, meine freunde! Today's first post is dedicated to a brilliant DIY artist Dave Schmidt under Sula Bassana pseudonym . A guy with lots of tallent from Germany, that works under Elektrohash Records. Sula usually does all the instruments on his own, with occasional bands and people participating on the record (like, for instance, Stefan Koglek on vocals on "The Night").

Sula has released a number of albums, each being different from each other by both the feel, the music and direction. He definitely likes to re-hash things and look for new ways of expression. Me, I've started to get familiar with him with "The Night" record, which to this day I find the most unforgettable and that keeps me getting back to his stuff. But for me it's the spacey feel of it, and to each his own. And this dude here knows how to offer different sorts of atmospheres, as mentioned.

Highly recommended to all fans Pink Floydy kind of sound, with occasional electronica thrown in. Spacy, psychedelic and always interesting. Do scout through his records and I am completely sure that most of you will find something of their own to listen to here. Overall I could describe it as space rock or kraut rock sometimes.

Some personal favorites: (gorgeus!)