Friday, August 30, 2013


And today's greetings come to you from Sydney, Australia with a pretty damn cool stoner metal band with a touch of southern rock - Wench. I've been returning to these guys for a while now. If you're looking for catchy driving riffs and harsh but cool vocals - you've come to the right place. These guys do it all, and they do it good. We had quite a long argue with a friend of mine about whether these guys are interesting or not, and whether the compositions are cool or just plain boring. So apparently these guys aren't for everyone. To me though, the catchyness of it and cool moves they make really makes it. At any rate, sadly, since their last (and first) release one of the band members died and the band has been in kind of a stale situation. But their first release seems really promising, and I hope they'll get back on track. As of the music itself - I found first 3 tracks pretty golden, with rest being more of a filler. Then again it's me.

Check them out your self and let me know what ya think:

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fungal Abyss

Good day. I finally had a good night sleep and am not practically shutting down on my keyboard. There is a big trip planned this weekend. Far into the countryside, with guitars, jembes and a thing to inspire... So in a light of this, I remembered this one band from Seattle. That band is Fungal Abyss. It is a fucking dimension of tripjam psychedelic rock. The music is pretty great as ambient setting or a meditative, crazy trip into the space of your mind. With tracks lengthy, spanning from 10 to almost 30 minutes. Their first album is claimed to be recorded under the influence of the psyclobe fungi and was entirely jammed, with no overdubs or edits made. Can't say that they are musical geniuses, but for all I know - they produce some pretty fucking outstanding jams, somewhat reminding me of Causa Sui, sometimes a more psyched-out Samsara Blues Experiment and similar. They're definitely something I'd see live.

Guys have released 2 albums so far, one of which I actually got on a fucking cassette tape, lol! And another one is on it's way. Shows aren't really frequent and are limited to Seattle, as far as I know. Well, that's what you get with underground bands. So go check 'em out on bandcamp and the tube, and go see them live if you're in Seattle... Do share about the live show though!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Good day, comrades! In case all of this time you've been hiding in a tank or some underground bunker, I would like to familiarize you with a legendary drone/doom/stoner band Earth. These guys can be called pioneers of the genre, and are named to be a major influence on SunnO))). But, unlike SunnO))), Earth make their music more sci-fi and positive, and it is mostly instrumental. Some times you get lost in those drones and transported to another planet, sometimes into a growing forest... I've found their music to be very suitable for programming work, as it sets this good trail of thought and concentration (which today I don't have for shit).

Earth started out in the 1989 and is led to this day by guitarist Dylan Carlson. The band changed quite a bit of members, but the lead always stayed the same. There was a split that lasted since 1998 to 2003, when the band reformed and continued on writing great stuff, and stayed true to the sound they do. The uniqueness of it is completed by the signature sound of a beautiful telecaster, deep and reverbed tones and the mix of some country, folk and jazz ideas in their music. A fun fact: on "Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars" there is a demo track where Kurt Cobain does the vocals, who is also featured as a vocalist on the "Divine and Bright" and "Extra-Capsular Extraction", doing backing vocals on the track "A Bureaucratic Desire for Revenge".

So here's some music, comrades. My favorite album would be "And the Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull":

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vista Chino

There was a lot of shit going on with the attempt of reforming and reviving the Kyuss. And I do mean shit, with all the law suits and everything. Now that it all finally settled down, and imo settled pretty favorably both for guys and good memory of Kyuss as it was, Vista Chino had emerged. Vista Chino is John Garcia, Brant Bjork, Nick Oliveri and Bruno Fevery. First things first: this is not Kyuss, and you sort of have to forget about Kyuss while listening to it. Yes you can hear the influence but it's sort of a whole different start here. And of course a new guy (Bruno Fevery), who toured with Kyuss Lives!, on the guitars instead of Josh. The music on the debut album of Vista Chino sounded to me like a blend of Kyuss, Unida, Brant and some other stuff. We can argue long about whether the album is inspired or not, but I must say it kind of grows on you. Frankly first time I've listened through it, I was all like 'meh...', but then I sort of went for another one, then another one and started noticing the cool details and digging certain tracks. I must give it - it has it's own charm and I'm kind of happy that guys took on with trying to make something of their own rather than just trying to go under Kyuss name and kind of not doing what Kyuss was all about. I would hope that by the next release they will polish the sound and get more familiar with it them selves.

So it's a pretty cool listen and really advised to you desert rock fans, but takes few repeats until you really get into it. Rocking my head to it right now, and realizing I like it even better with every damn listen! Something really cool and warm undergroundish about the guys them selves that makes me keep following their projects. The whole album can be checked out here:!/profile/VISTA+CHINO/24407195. Here are some of favorite tracks right here:

Brant Bjork

So hey everyone. This one I recently really got hooked on. A project by an ex-Kyuss drummer Brant Bjork. If you are looking for some proper desert chill-out moods - you found your thing. He does very awesome laid back stuff, with cool rhythms and hooks here and there. I must warn you though this music isn't really meant to be listened to on it's own. It's more of an awesome mood setter for parties or a general laid back background music. Should be pretty fucking good for a long drive in a car... Mmmmhh, yeah... Anyway, some of the stuff he does sounds pretty unique in a sense of the vibe you get. It's really positive and funky in that sense.

Brant formed the band and remains active with it since 1999 when he released the first album - "Jalamanta". This started him with his own sound, that you can hear the most in Kyuss amongst other bands he participated. And since then there were 7 solo albums and 2 albums of Brant Bjork and the Bros. All of the albums have some cool tracks to offer, with my personal favorites now being "Born to rock" and "Somewhere some woman". Yes in most of his work you can feel the lack of some spark, which was provided by Josh Homme  in Kyuss for instance, with whom they've wrote most of the music for the band, but yeah, those times are gone and those guys just really worked like magic together, really balancing each other out. Josh Homme isn't doing too good on his own with his band either in my opinion. Music wise...

So anyway, stay tuned and check some of this out:

Thursday, August 22, 2013

WFA: Light at the end of the tunnel

Hey everyone! Here to notify that blog ain't dead. It's been a long month so far with vacation and tons of shit to do. Hopefully this weekend I'll post some stuff - got something stashed out for those of you who are into Kyuss and Arcazas... Well and actually a whole bunch of other bands. So it's just about getting my self to sit down and actually do this =)

Anyway, keep tuned in. Here's something to give a listen to while you wait: