Friday, August 21, 2020

Saturn's Husk - The Conduit (2020)


And here we go again! Three long years have passed since the last full length release of Maree Noire! The Conduit has been brewing for all of this time in our minds and under our fingers, pressing against those fretboards and clenching drumsticks in our fists. It's been a long ride for us, as both our bassplayer and I had our kids born during this time, marriages happened, renovations and moving appartments, as well as new jobs and responisbilities gained. All of that kept pushing the release date further and further. But it has finally happened, and in early 2020 we went down to Hodila Studio in Valmiera, recorded the tracks live and overdubbed them, and our drummer mixed and mastered the whole thing almost solely on his own (and boy are we grateful! :D).

All of those things happening in our lives are imprinted in this record, bringing you an hour of an instrumental psychedelic doom/sludge journey. The album focuses on the inevitability of death and its necessity in birth of something new. For one thing to come into existence, something else must die, and allow that thing into existence, allow it to come through all those stages in its development, both personal and cultural, only for it to finally perish leaving just dust behind.

We hope you will enjoy listening to it, as much as we enjoyed playing and recording this.