Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vista Chino

There was a lot of shit going on with the attempt of reforming and reviving the Kyuss. And I do mean shit, with all the law suits and everything. Now that it all finally settled down, and imo settled pretty favorably both for guys and good memory of Kyuss as it was, Vista Chino had emerged. Vista Chino is John Garcia, Brant Bjork, Nick Oliveri and Bruno Fevery. First things first: this is not Kyuss, and you sort of have to forget about Kyuss while listening to it. Yes you can hear the influence but it's sort of a whole different start here. And of course a new guy (Bruno Fevery), who toured with Kyuss Lives!, on the guitars instead of Josh. The music on the debut album of Vista Chino sounded to me like a blend of Kyuss, Unida, Brant and some other stuff. We can argue long about whether the album is inspired or not, but I must say it kind of grows on you. Frankly first time I've listened through it, I was all like 'meh...', but then I sort of went for another one, then another one and started noticing the cool details and digging certain tracks. I must give it - it has it's own charm and I'm kind of happy that guys took on with trying to make something of their own rather than just trying to go under Kyuss name and kind of not doing what Kyuss was all about. I would hope that by the next release they will polish the sound and get more familiar with it them selves.

So it's a pretty cool listen and really advised to you desert rock fans, but takes few repeats until you really get into it. Rocking my head to it right now, and realizing I like it even better with every damn listen! Something really cool and warm undergroundish about the guys them selves that makes me keep following their projects. The whole album can be checked out here: http://grooveshark.com/#!/profile/VISTA+CHINO/24407195. Here are some of favorite tracks right here:




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