Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kamni / Камни

It took me a while to figure out, what would be the first band I'll post here. So I decided it should be something really deserving attention, yet really unknown at this point.

Meet Kamni - a great new stoner/doom band from Moscow.
Formed just few years ago, these guys unleashed their first crushing and filthy riffs at 2010. I was really stunned by how fresh and catchy it sounded. Never before have I heard a russian band being this right-on about how proper stoner should sound.

By now the guys have made 2 EP releases, pretty different in their nature, and are looking for a record label to record their full-length. The first EP comes off as a heavier piece in good ol' weedy sludgy doom traditions, while the second one stretching out towards the mix with hinduistic themes, having sitars, flutes and jambes going off as the ground layer.

Couple of my favorite tracks would be:

Support the guys and buy their stuff, it is definitely worth it!

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