Monday, April 29, 2013


Ah, Canada! You do have some bands to offer! This one seems to be inspired by Electric Wizard and is a 100% DIY project. But just listen to that production and those crushing filthy riffs! The dirty sludgy vocals! I mean, wow... Even though the tracks are pretty simplistic (thus easy to learn, which is always fun), they keep you mesmerized. And the samples from old 70's movies create a great atmosphere!

Three outstanding albums are out at this point. Let's see what comes next. To be honest though, if they keep it the same style in the next album, I doubt it'll end up being good... Maybe on it's own, but otherwise 3 albums worth of material with this kind of simplistic sound will fizzle itself out very soon. Not that those 3 albums aren't f*cking outstanding! I am highly advising to give this one a good listen. Preferably when you feel particularly dirty :)

Some vids:

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