Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Colour Haze

Well, since I'm doing the walk through the best stuff I already know kind of thing, I couldn't miss out on these guys. Most of you readers probably know them already, if you listen to the sorts of music this blog is dedicated to. But it would be a shame to skip on them. These guys are a total DIY project from Munich, Germany. They have made it to open their own studio and an indie record label, Elektrohash Records, that signed some awesome bands like Causa Sui, The Kings of Frog Island and Sula Bassana.

Colour Haze are Stefan Koglek, Philipp Rasthofer and Manfred Merwald. These 3 guys released are active since the beginning of the 90's, releasing about 10 full-length albums by now (with the 1st album being a total wtf that they hated them selves in the end) and are a gorgeous mash-up of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Kyuss and more. It all comes together forming a great unique sound with brilliant idea flows. And that guitar tone is just wow! Every track is more of a story that infinetly progresses, rather than just a riff based song.

With every next album Haze are trying to bring something new into their sound, as it happened with their latest effort - "She said", that brought new instruments and ideas into the play. I highly advise this band to anyone loving both soothing jams and heavy stoner sound.

Here are some videos and links below, as usual. First video reminds me of Solaris movie by Tarkovsky. Do check out both:

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