Monday, June 3, 2013

Sun Dial

And now lets travel back... Travel back to the 90's British psychedelic rock scene, and find a very underestimated band - Sun Dial. A band that even though constantly changed the line-up managed to survive until the present day. It's a project started out way back in the 1990 by a vocalist/guitarist - Gary Ramon. This band means a lot to me, since it kind of showed me the way through one of the shitty parts of my life. I associate them with this warm and sunny summer feeling, brilliant psychedelic guitar skill and direction. Psychedelic, fuzzy and originally sounding, at times really dragging and touching you to the very core.

It's been exactly 13 albums to this day. I shamefully can say that I've never went through all of them, but not all of them really caught my attention. There has been a lot of direction changes, but mostly all the albums I've went through (and that's more than a half of them), had a lot to offer. At one point I even thought them to be the new Pink Floyd, but really underground. Or maybe the Colour Haze of psychedelic rock. Anyway, this is something highly advisable!

Here's some links I could dig out and some of my favorite track videos:

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