Thursday, June 6, 2013


Hey everyone! So this time we're full-on psychedelic. This band was linked to me yesterday by a good friend of mine, who said I might find it or at least parts of it interesting. And so I did! This is Rivercrest, a heavy-psych jam band formed in 2003 in Belgium. To me it sounds like Naked Lunch movie meets Causa Sui, Oresund Space Collective, Pink Floyd (live at Pompeii period) and King Crimson. Pretty impressive moves there, always loved me some sax: it kind of freshens up the whole thing a whole bit and adds this spice to it.

The band has released 1 album and a live record. Their tracks tend to race into extended sessions of jams ranging from 10 to 20 minutes and sometimes go crazy places. Great collaborative work of 8 guys (wow!), that bring you warm moods and crazy distorted landscapes, just as the cover art suggests! Some of it is a bit out of it for my taste, kind of chaosy, but a lot of jam bands tend to go those ways. I guess it's a bit of a natural way to go after a certain point of a jam when so much people are involved. Still a very solid piece, so trip out y'all!

Below are some of the links (couldn't find any videos on youtube, so to listen to some just go to the bandcamp page, which is always better than youtube):

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