Monday, June 3, 2013

Deaf Proof

I'm back from the weekend and back with something fresh! Been looking for some psychedelic desert rock? It found you - Deaf Proof had released their new demo album. Despite having constant line-up changes since 2006, the trio had managed to record some really mesmerizing music. This is desert rock with a bluesy touch and fuzzed out guitars at it's finest! The production quality is proper and it does sound like a proper album even, which I find rare for the demos to be. On the both demo albums they have too!

To me the sound reminds a bit of Orange Goblin, The Heavy Co., Sungrazer, Kyuss, but more like tone-wise, rather than direction. Massive sound and original moves, that all fall down at ya and drag you through the desert. But the psychedelic touch to it is what really makes it stand out. So here's to see them record their full-length!

Both their albums are available as a free download at Bandcamp. So grab on:

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