Thursday, June 27, 2013

Los Natas

Los Natas is an Argentinian desert rock band that started out imitating the Kyuss sound. Though not being as good, they've did the closest interpretation I've heard so far. Then on they mashed things up a bit and added more of them selves into their music, going for a more sometimes bluesy, sometimes - experimental sound, throwing in occasional folk instruments. They've coined the term free rock to describe their sound. Still sounds pretty desert rock to me. And the Spanish singing makes it this much more authentic. They've shared stage with bands like Unida, Queens of the Stone Age, Colour Haze and many more of the big names in the genre. They've also established a music festival down in Buenos Aires, that has now been on for 10 years.

Anyway, this is definitely something to check out for all of you stoner/desert/free (lol) rock lovers! I've discovered them only recently, thanks to Maha Sohona who have credited them as one of the inspiration sources. So I still have a way to go in familiarizing myself with their music. But from what I've listened so far - it is a quite interesting band, and a good desert rock band, which to this day are a rare find.

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  1. Los Natas is one of my all-time favorite bands, i will miss them very much.
    Just listen to their sound, it's so ..'real', i don't know how to say it.. It's like the music is an entity which channels itself through them and manifests as sound, so natural.
    Every one of their albums is great, and Ciudad de Brahman en Delmar are damn perfect.
    Not just a desert rock band, they go deeper than that.
    Just go lay back, put Ciudad de Brahman on, and from the beginning of Carl Sagan 1 (you have to like that with that title!) get sucked in to the lost universe of Los Natas.
    Great blog you have by the way! Keep it up!!