Monday, July 1, 2013

The Sizlacks

It's a perfect day for something laid back today. I figured it's time to write about The Sizlacks, a psychedelic surfer rock from Australia. The one and only Australia, packed with poisonous wombats and deadly pigeons, sea crocodiles and most venomous jellyfish. Yet there's still room to be chilled and laid back surfer dude, long hair, beards and brilliant psychedelic rock! So this trio arose in a beautiful city of Perth on the western coast of Australia, and started delivering swirling and stoner waves right at us! And along with these waves - the brilliant artworks that accompany each song. Seriously guys, whoever is doing these artworks - you, sir, are a genius!

The band it self is pretty fresh and started out just recently, so there ain't a lot of material really, but the stuff that is available is damn gorgeous! Everything from guitar tones, drums and all the way to vocals seems right spot-on. The surfer vibe is perfectly there and makes you want to grab that desk from under the PC and go catch a wave. A very advisable listen to any one who likes chilled out psychedelia and such bands as Brujas del Sol.

So join us for some brilliant summer vibes:

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