Monday, April 29, 2013

Luna Negra

Ok, so I guess it is time to justify the name of the blog with some dusty grooves.

These here guys are from Poland, never the less - they do know their dusty desert sound like not a lot of bands do! Sound's very groovy and even when goes into faster and heavier stuff, it still sounds kind of laid back.

Overall it's hard for me to pin point the influences on this one. There might be just a tiny bit of Orange Goblin there, mashed up with some Felipe Arcazas, I guess?

The guys have released only 1 demo album in 2009 so far,  and the current state of the band is unknown. I am afraid they might've split, which is a shame since I know of no other band that would get this particular sound as good. In fact, if any of you readers know anything of similar matter - I'm always open to suggestions! :)

Check it out yourself: and

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